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Alert Management

Raising an alert is effortless with our two alert activation profile. Once the alert is raised, the users smartphone will auto-activate the camera sending a message and recording to the cloud-based dashboard as well as their pre-defined emergency contacts.

Safety Features

Alert Management

Auto Media Capture

Allow your users to travel with confidence

Once an alert is raised, Zecure will auto activate the users smartphone’s camera and microphone and begin recording video evidence. This media is then sent directly to the monitoring dashboard and combined with the Alert metadata for detailed incident reporting.

Alert Profiles

Flexible settings to adapt to any scenario

Zecure has the flexibility to allow your users to select between two different alert profiles based on their immediate needs. The two profiles offer differing appearances and activation settings to either be discreet or act as a deterrent.

Alert Monitoring

Putting you in control of raised alerts.

Within your monitoring dashboard you are able to see grid based raised alerts. The location is detailed on a live map, pinpointing the users live location. Within the alert, you will able to see evidence auto collected as well as dispatch emergency response units at the click of a button.

Are You Zecure?

Start offering your users point-to-point, precise location monitoring and alert notifications.

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