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Business Statistics

Use real data to understand where your users will most commonly be, and create a safer environment for them

Location Data

Act smarter with location data

Using the data generated from your users activities, you can gather valuable data and mitigate risk by learning to understand patterns and usual behaviours. This can be extremely useful in reducing incidents and reducing resource wastage.

Risk Mitigation

Allow your users to travel with confidence

Utilising historical data from previous user journey’s, gives you the ability to mitigate risk before users visit previously ‘risky’ areas. Proactively Geo-fencing these areas allows you to pre-warn users of previous incidents and what to be on the look out for when travelling to these areas.

Business Intelligence

Remove the guesswork from Safety & Risk Management

Easily gather, generate and archive key intel from your users. All neatly presented on a simple to use dashboard, Zecure helps you collate valuable data for mitigating risk, through peer-to-peer resourcing.

Are You Zecure?

Start offering your users point-to-point, precise location monitoring and alert notifications.

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