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Journey allows your users to set a start and end point. The app then automatically monitors the users journey and alerts their nominated contacts and the Control Centre once they safely arrive or trigger a panic alarm.


Allow your users to travel with confidence

Zecure can accurately plan a point-to-point journey within the app. Once you begin your journey, you location can be shared with your private contact and/or a monitoring centre.

Live Tracking

Added user peace-of-mind

Journeys often include potential risks. With live tracking, users have the peace of mind knowing that an emergency contact, whether it be a family member or monitoring centre, is keeping an eye out for them from start to destination.

Alert Creation

Users can easily call for help from their smartphones

Give your user the control with an easy-to-active panic button, giving them the reassurance they deserve. With customisable activation settings, raising an alert is reliable and effortless. Once an alert is raised, monitor it within the dashboard, with the collected evidence in one place.

Are You Zecure?

Start offering your users point-to-point, precise location monitoring and alert notifications.

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