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Mass Notification

Send unlimited messages to unlimited recipients via email or in app notifications, in just a few clicks. Perfect for emergency awareness, proactive warnings, real time updates or marketing.

Safety Features

Mass Notification

Reliable Messaging

Get the right message out, at the right time, every time

With intelligent read receipts, confirmation buttons and instant communication, you can feel assured your message reaches the right users, at the right time.

Advanced Filters

Utilise location, group or profile filtering

When composing your message, you can instantly filter your users by location, geo fenced zones and groups. With zones, you can set triggers that once a user enters or leaves a zone, a notification is triggered.

Mass Media Distribution

An easy way to share media with everyone, effortlessly

Distributing media files to all your users is simple using Zecure. You can share images, PDFs or any other media to help you communicate. Access your media library of brand assets, user uploaded reports and share them easily.

Are You Zecure?

Start offering your users point-to-point, precise location monitoring and alert notifications.

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