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Meeting allows users to feel safe when going into a potentially dangerous meeting or performing a dangerous task. A user set timer will countdown until deactivated meaning the user has to mark themselves as safe, otherwise raising an alert.

Risk Mitigation

Allow your users to travel with confidence

When entering a potentially dangerous area or performing a risky task, reduce your risk levels with the Meeting feature. Setting up countdown timers can help you automatically trigger alerts should your users be unable to.

Man Down

Sense sudden drops or inactivity for added safety

Zecure can use your users smartphones axis and detect if it has been inactive for a set period of time or experienced a sudden drop. This is especially useful for lone working where alerts need to be auto raised.

Meeting Details

Add Meeting details direct from the app

When creating a Meeting, allow your users to enter essential information to keep them safe and protected. Add a timer, notes and if Man Down is on or off. Once a Meeting is started in the app, it will appear in your Dashboard so you can monitor the progress throughout.

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